Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Crank Time Trial

2009 Results

1. Dan Harper 9/17 6:58
2. Adam Lisonbee 9/18 7:23
2. Joseph Moffit: 5/12. 7:23
Aaron Smith: 4/21. 7:35.
5. Keith Payne: 4/21. 8:45.

2008 Results

1. Kenny Jones: 7/9. 7:42
2. Adam Lisonbee: 5/29. 7:45
3. Joseph Moffitt: 6/19. 8:21
4. Keith Payne: 6/9. 8:32
5. Kevin Moffitt: 6/19. 9:34


Crank is a trail that off shoots from Betty, near the Orem BST. It is a fantastic climb. It switchbacks and contours through scrub oak, meadows, and across steep ridges. It is appropriately named, because the grade, the smooth singletrack, and the length all beg to be cranked.

The Crank TT will start at the turn off in the meadow at the bottom of the trail (I will cairn or mark this ASAP). It will end at the top, where Ireland starts. ( I will also cairn or mark this spot.)

Time trial it any time you want then email your time, date, and bike setup (geared/ss) and name. Any and all results will be posted in this space.

Good luck, and ...

Crank it!